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04-05-14 -
The parent company of Neteller, Optimal Payments PLC announced that they are bringing Neteller back into the United States.
04-04-14 -
For more than a decade, Neteller has been a reliable way for people to send and receive money online.
03-07-14 -
Neteller has added some deposit options for those living in many companies around the world. Let’s look at the new deposit options available from Neteller.
03-10-14 -
If you are a Neteller member you have access to great bonuses every month from online merchants. Many online casinos offer special bonuses to Neteller customers. Let’s look at some of the recent Neteller bonuses.
02-10-14 -
It was a very good year for Neteller in 2013 and more growth is expected in 2014.
02-10-14 -
Neteller continues to reward their members with rewards points and their VIP program
01-12-14 -
The parent company behind Neteller, Optimal Payments won an award for the International Company of the Year at the AIM awards.
01-12-14 -
When you are a Neteller member you have access to the Neteller Merchant Showcase.
12-12-13 -
Neteller is a solution for many people who want to send and receive money online.
12-09-13 -
Neteller continues to make its way back into the United States with the latest state to approve the re-entry being New Jersey.
11-05-13 -
The parent company of Neteller, Optimal Payments Plc was the winner of the AIM Award for International Company of the Year.
11-05-13 -
Neteller has three main products that are used by millions of people to send and receive money.
10-03-13 -
If you are looking for a great prepaid card then look no further than the Net+ card from Neteller.
10-03-13 -
Optimal Payments, the parent company of Neteller has announced that a recent rise in revenues was due mainly to the earnings from the Neteller e-wallet business.
09-13-13 -
One of the better ways to handle cash online is through the use of Neteller.
09-13-13 -
If you are one of the many people who use Neteller to send and receive money you may already be aware of the Neteller VIP rewards.
08-09-13 -
Sometimes events in our personal lives cause us serious financial trouble and our credit is destroyed and it takes a lot to dig out of that hole.
08-09-13 -
Neteller is once again going to be used as a money processing service in the United States, but for now, just in Nevada.
07-09-13 -
Would you like to have a bank account without having to deal with the bank?
07-09-13 -
It is now possible to wire money anywhere to anyone, corporate or individual, in the world using Neteller e-wallet services.
06-10-13 -
When it comes to Neteller there are two basic types of accounts.
06-10-13 -
If you haven’t signed up with Neteller before conducting business in other countries you are doing yourself a disservice.
05-13-13 -
Neteller is planning to return to the United States market in the very near future.
05-13-13 -
The Neteller network is in almost every place in the world.
04-09-13 -
One of the big advantages to using Neteller is the ability to use it in many different countries around the world.
04-09-13 -
Ever go somewhere, plan an evening out and lose your wallet?
03-07-13 -
Neteller has made it even easier to get VIP rewards as they are now offering a Bronze level in their VIP program.
03-07-13 -
Neteller is a great system used to transfer money around the world.
02-12-13 -
More and more people are using Neteller everyday as it is one of the premier choices for sending and receiving money online.
02-12-13 -
Neteller is one of the world’s most popular and best known web wallets.
01-17-13 -
NeTeller is a secure online payment method you can pay, play and spend worry free.
12-10-12 -
One of the benefits of having a Neteller account is the ability to earn reward points and cash them in for merchandise or even redeem them for cash.
12-10-12 -
Neteller continues to be the gold standard of online payment processors.
11-19-12 -
If you are one of the many people who have a Neteller account you probably understand that protecting your password is critical.
11-19-12 -
To use your Neteller account you first have to put money into it. The best options are obviously free and it is those we want to mention
10-09-12 -
Many people don’t give customer support a second thought, until they need it.
10-09-12 -
Neteller is a very popular option for people who send and receive money online.
09-10-12 -
One of the advantages to being a Neteller member is the VIP rewards that are offered.
09-10-12 -
One of the many advantages to having a Neteller account is the Neteller prepaid MasterCard.
08-13-12 -
Neteller has been a leading online payment processor for more than a decade and the awards keep coming in.
07-21-12 -
Have you visited the Neteller Merchant Showcase recently?
07-22-12 -
One of the many popular services that Neteller offers is their money transfer service.
06-12-12 -
It is a great time to be using Neteller as you can earn up to four times the Rewards Points until July 1st.
05-22-12 -
Did you know that you can follow Neteller on Twitter? Not only can you follow them on Twitter but you can actually get support on Twitter from Neteller.
04-09-12 -
Neteller has been one of the most popular online payment methods for people around the world to use for more than a decade.
04-09-12 -
Not only do customers love Neteller but businesses love this popular eWallet as well.
03-19-12 -
If you are one of the millions of people who use Neteller on a regular basis you could cash in on a nice bonus.
03-19-12 - Neteller has just announced a new Rewards Points program where customers earn points every time they use their eWallet.
02-14-12 -
If you are one of the millions of people who use Neteller on a regular basis you could cash in on a nice bonus.
02-14-12 - Sometimes when you are paying for goods or transferring money from one currency to another it can be really frustrating when you don’t know the exact transfer rate.
01-16-12 - While you may have heard about or are currently using Neteller, you may not have heard of the Neteller community.
12-14-11 - With the holidays just around the corner many people are doing a lot of online shopping.
11-14-11 - When you make deposits into your e-wallet account you want it available as soon as possible and Neteller makes that a reality.
10-17-11 - When you get ready to send money online one of your best options is Neteller.
09-13-11 - Did you know that Neteller is one of the most trusted ways for people to send and receive money online?
08-17-11 - If you are looking for a fast, secure and safe way to send and receive money online then Neteller could be the choice for you..
07-20-11 - One of the great things about using Neteller to send and receive money is their VIP program.
06-21-11 - Neteller is one of the first ebanks and one of the biggest and most successful.
05-09-11 - The list of good and reliable online casino payment method companies continues to grow
04-12-11 - The Neteller Difference
03-14-11 - There are many benefits in using Neteller as your online casino payment method.
02-18-11 - NEOVIA Financial has announced further additions to its payment network in the online casino gambling sector.
01-10-11 -
Payment Methods are a very important part of Online Gambling.
12-13-10 -
Neteller is a service that allows gamblers to transfer funds from their bank or a credit card to an online casino accounts.
11-11-10 -
Neteller is an online wallet and payment system that makes it easy to move money from one place to another.
10-10-10 -
Neteller is the most popular form of online payment processing for online poker rooms and casinos.
09-08-10 -
Neteller is widely known and respected as the first online casino payment method company.
08-10-10 - Neteller is the standard for sending and receiving money around the world.
07-06-10 - There is simply no better choice for an online gambling payment method than Neteller.

06-10-10 -

Neteller proved to be a groundbreaking company that worked hand in hand with the online casino gambling industry

05-10-10 -

Neteller was the first online casino payment method and did such a phenomenal job in servicing their clients.

04-10-10 -

Neteller A Proven Winner

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Neteller Paves Your Way!

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World’s Largest Independent Money Transfer

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Fastest And Safest

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Virtually Instant Transfers

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King of online gambling payment solutions

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Undisputed leader and king

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Gamblers' First Choice

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KING of the online money transfer

09-06-08 -

Neteller is the best

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