Neteller Is Popular

Neteller is one of the most popular ways to send and receive money around the world today. Many online gamblers have been using Neteller for years. It is very easy to set up and account and once that is done you can easily transfer funds.

The first thing to do when setting up a Neteller account is to certify your bank account. Neteller will make a small deposit into your bank account and you tell Neteller the exact amount that was deposited. Once your account is verified you can transfer money into and out of Neteller with no fees if you are using the ETF option. Once your Neteller account is certified you will also have higher deposit and withdrawal limits.

Many of the Neteller fees will be free as you transfer money to and from an online casino. You need to be aware though that some things will have a fee such as using a credit card to deposit to Neteller. If you need money instantly then you can choose the InstaCash transfer option. This really has a high fee associated with it though so you are better off using the ETF option even though it might take 2-4 days.

Neteller is really a great option for sending and receiving money today to many different sites including online casinos.


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