Neteller Points

If you send and receive money then you probably know all about Neteller. What you may not know is that Neteller has one of the best loyalty programs. Customers are rewarded for using Neteller to send and receive money. NETPoints are given and customers can trade those points in for various rewards.

The loyalty system with Neteller is very easy to understand and it gives customers a lot of options. NETPoints are earned for every one dollar that is sent to a merchant or a friend using the Neteller Money Transfer. The ratio is 10 NETPoints for every one dollar sent. There are also other ways to earn NETPoints such as verifying your bank account. Customers can get NETPoints just for becoming a VIP.

NETPoints can be redeemed to enter weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cash drawings. Customers can exchange points for ballot entry in global promotions. NETPoints can also be used for free deposits if you are a VIP member. The perks for using the Neteller loyalty program are really excellent.

Neteller has been the leader in online money transfers for more than a decade. They are used in many countries and currencies around the world. Transfers are fast, easy and secure. Now customers who have enjoyed the Neteller service for years can be rewarded with NETPoints just for using Neteller.


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