world’s largest independent money transfer

Since 1999, Neteller has been providing a solid and safe way to transfer money online. Used in more than 160 countries around the world, Neteller has become one of the most popular ways to send and receive money.

Neteller is the world’s largest independent money transfer company as they process billions of dollars in transactions each year. Neteller is a brand of NEOVIA Financial Plc and is regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK. Neteller has industry-leading security protocols in place to ensure all customer information is protected.

Setting up an account at Neteller is free and it is very easy to do. Once an account has been set up you can easily transfer money into that account. The ability to send and receive money online is extremely easy when you have a Neteller account. Sending money is almost instantaneous with many online gaming sites and withdrawals can be immediate if you use a Neteller debit card. That is why Neteller has been such a popular way to transfer money online for the last decade.

In addition to being a great way to send and receive money, Neteller offers NETPoints where customers get points for their transfers. These points can be used to enter the monthly drawings at Neteller.

As you transfer money online today, you definitely want to take a look at all the advantages of using Neteller.


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