Neteller Available in 19 Currencies

One of the big advantages to using Neteller is the ability to use it in many different countries around the world. Neteller is currently available in 19 different currencies. Let’s look at all of the currencies available when using Neteller and also consider the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard withdrawal option.

Here are the 19 currencies available with the Neteller eWallet.

United States Dollar – USD ($)
Great Britain Pound – GBP (£)
Euro – EUR (€)
Japanese Yen – JPY (?)
Indian Rupee – INR (Rs)
Canadian Dollar – CAD ($)
Australian Dollar – AUD ($)
Swedish Kronor – SEK (Kr)
Danish Krone – DKK (kr)
Norwegian Krone – NOK (kr)
Polish Zloty – PLN (zl)
Russian Ruble – RUB (???)
Mexican Peso – MXN ($)
Hungarian Forint – HUF (Ft)
Bulgarian Lev – BGN (??)
Lithuanian Litas – LTL (lt)
Latvian Lats – LVL (Ls)
Romanian New Leu – RON (lei)
Singapore Dollar ($)

It is important for many people who use Neteller to not only be able to transfer money but also withdraw it. Funds can be withdrawn from your Neteller account directly into your bank account in your country’s currency except in the United States where Neteller is not available. The best option for withdrawal is usually the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard. There are eight currencies available for the plastic Net+ Prepaid MasterCard. They are USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, JPY, SEK, and DKK.


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