Sometimes events in our personal lives cause us serious financial trouble and our credit is destroyed and it takes a lot to dig out of that hole. Having credit is very important. There a several ways to straighten out a credit problem, one of which is to use a prepaid credit card.

Most prepaid card services come with fees attached but there is one card that is prepaid which has no annual fees, no monthly fees and works just like a credit card. That is Neteller.

Neteller is actually an e-wallet service. You start at Neteller by establishing an account. Once that account is set up it is your responsibility to keep a positive balance in the account. From that point on you can use the card wherever a merchant recognizes that card. Since it is prepaid, the merchant is assured he will be paid by Neteller. The Neteller card is a actually a prepaid MasterCard.

When you use Neteller you can draw cash money out as easily as depositing cash into your account. To set up an account you will be asked for some personal information which is held by Neteller and is never transferred to a merchant.

When you use Neteller you are actually rebuilding your credit without it costing you a lot of fees and grief. Neteller is recognized everywhere in the world except in the United States although Neteller has announced they are getting back into the country in select states.


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