Neteller Back in the U.S. in Nevada

Do you remember the days when Neteller was the main way that gamblers in the United States sent and received money from online casinos? Before 2006, the big way for gamblers to move money was to use Neteller. That changed in 2006 when the U.S. government decided to enforce the UIGEA. Now that online poker is legal in Nevada, Neteller is once again going to be used as a money processing service in the United States, but for now, just in Nevada.

Neteller, under their parent company Optimal Payments has signed a deal with Bally’s to provide payment processing services to customers in the state of Nevada. Neteller had recently made a deal with Caesars Interactive Entertainment to get a bigger profile in the state of Nevada. Casesars will be launching in Nevada and Neteller will be one of the main money processing options for players.

Online poker players who are playing at the Bally’s site in Nevada will be able to transfer money using Neteller. The payments will be done through the NETBANX system. “This partnership is part of our on-going strategy to build a complete solution for the regulated U.S. gaming market that will enable operators to bridge the land-based with online worlds,” said Joel Leonoff, President and CEO of Optimal Payments. “Bally is a recognized leader in platform and content for both land-based and increasingly online gaming. We are pleased to be working with Bally and its customers, and this agreement demonstrates our ability to provide real value to both technology providers and gaming operators alike.”


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