Neteller Money Transfer Site

Neteller is a service that allows gamblers to transfer funds from their bank or a credit card to an online casino accounts.

The Neteller website had a redesign a few months ago to make it look a little more modern and easier to use. It wasn’t a huge change, but it was certainly noticeable. The new design makes it look more formal and clean, which is an improvement on the old design. The navigation is also very well set and allows you to access each area of the site with relative ease.

It is also very easy to make transactions to the online poker rooms and to other people that use Neteller. There are obviously fees for inter-account transactions, but these are relatively small when compared to the amount that is being sent between accounts. There are also fees for sending money to poker rooms, but the poker rooms themselves cover these and so you should not have any trouble with having to pay fees every time you make a deposit.

There's no fee for sending cash to merchants. You can do the peer to peer option at no cost however the receiver will be accessed a 2% fee.

Overall, Neteller is a great online wallet and should be the first choice for any new player looking to open a new online wallet. They offer a quality and safe service that allows you to make numerous and safe transactions between poker rooms and other account holders. There are numerous wallets available, but if you are an avid online gambler you should be looking to sign up with Neteller before anyone else. Almost all online gambling sites accept this method of payment which makes it for easier moving your money around to different betting establishments.


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