Neteller Shopping

With the holidays just around the corner many people are doing a lot of online shopping. One way to make things a lot easier is to use the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard from Neteller to shop online. Instead of having to deal with credit card charges, shoppers can use the Net+ card which has a number of advantages over a regular credit card.

With the Net+ card from Neteller you don’t have to worry about running up a big bill that you can’t pay off. The money on the Net+ card is yours and you can track expenditures easily and quickly. There is also no worry about your personal information being stolen as only Neteller has that information so none of the merchants have access to it.

When you use the Net+ MasterCard it is just like using any other MasterCard since it is accepted anywhere around the world that MasterCard is accepted.

One of the advantages of using Neteller as your eWallet is the “History” tab that makes it very easy to track purchases. You can go back as far as a year and sort transactions by type and see the details of each entry including the amount and where the money went. The history tab definitely makes it easy to track spending with the Net+ card.

Take a look at using the Net+ card from Neteller during this busy online shopping season and enjoy the benefits.


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