Neteller is a solution for many people who want to send and receive money online. It is flexible, easy to use and offers a number of options.

Sending and receiving money using Neteller is easy and fast. For example, let’s say you want to send someone money online. You simply log on to your account and send the person money from your account into their account. It is as easy as can be when both people have a Neteller account.

Let’s say you want to pay someone else who you don’t know. You might want to send money to an online casino or buy something from a merchant out of the country. You can do so easily and quickly using Neteller. You simply log into your account and send the money to the person or if it is the online casino you can log into your account with them and choose the Neteller option.

When you send or receive money with Neteller, the money goes into your eWallet, not your bank account so there is no personal data revealed. Payments can be made instantly and securely. Neteller has security systems that include 128-bit encryption technology, identity verification and real-time transaction monitoring. They are also authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

When you are getting ready to send or receive money you definitely want to check out Neteller.


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