Neteller and NEOVIA to Partner up with Contract

NEOVIA Financial, which is the leading alternative payment business in the world, has announced further additions to its payment network in the online casino gambling sector as it has a contract set with Betbidder, which uses the Neteller service for its online penny auctions.

Neteller is the father of the online casino payment method industry and the standard to which all others are compared. Neteller’s success is a major reason why the online gambling industry was able to take off and grow at such a rapid rate and NEOVIA is thrilled to be associated with the biggest name in the online gambling payment method industry.

One of the big reasons for the contract was Neteller’s proven track record of success and name brand recognition, along with the simplicity of its ewallet solutions. Neteller offers instant and direct payments that gamblers have come to love and expect, especially in comparison with other similar competitor companies that have not perfected Neteller’s art for being the best payment solution available and the most popular anywhere in the industry.

Another reason that NEOVIA is pleased to be joining up with Neteller is security as that is another key element that has set Neteller apart with other payment method competitors.

NEOVIA also wanted the contract in order to keep their business streamlined without having to separate and form divisions within their own company. With Neteller’s proven performance and leadership in the fastest growing industry in the world it was a perfect match for all parties.

The top online casinos are offering phenomenal incentive bonuses for Neteller customers including referrals and loyalty programs so be sure and check them out.


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