Using Neteller at the Online Casino

It is easier than ever to make deposits and withdrawals at the online casino using Neteller. Let’s look at just how easy it is.

Neteller is basically an e-wallet that lets you deposit, withdraw and transfer money online. When you want to make a deposit at the online casino it is quick and easy to do it using Neteller. When you go into the online casino cashier you simply choose Neteller to make a deposit. It takes just moments once you have input your Neteller account number for the funds to be transferred to the online casino.

When you want to withdraw using Neteller the process is also simple. You go into the online casino cashier and simply choose Neteller for your withdrawal and enter your account number and information. The withdrawals are not as fast as the deposits as the speed depends entirely upon the speed of the online casino and how fast they process the withdrawal.

The amount of money that can be deposited and withdrawn using Neteller varies depending upon the online casino but the minimum amount for a deposit is usually $10 while the maximum amount for a withdrawal can range from $5,000 to $50,000.

The next time you want to make a deposit or withdrawal at the online casino, be sure to choose Neteller.



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