Online NeTeller

Payment Methods are a very important part of Online Gambling. If a player’s money isn’t secure, the entire concept of the Online Casinos would be over. That’s why all Online Casinos make sure to use the best available Online Payment Options, doing their best to secure their player’s money.

Neteller is an e-wallet solution and is one of the first and biggest online payments services to appear. With millions in transactions this is a safe and easy way to handle all your online gaming transactions.

The Net+ card is the latest product from Neteller, having been introduced in 2008. Under this name both plastic and virtually prepaid debit cards are offered. This product is offered in collaboration with MasterCard. The advantage of the Net+ is that the card can be used only once. This goes a long way in preventing identity theft, which is a major issue with credit and debit cards. Even if the online casino’s server is hacked into and the Net+ card number stolen the player’s identity and funds are protected because that card number cannot be used again. Net+ won the award for the best new prepaid card at Cards & Payments Europe 2009.

Players rely on NeTeller's ease of security. NeTeller users have a user ID, account number, and password to ensure secure instant transactions from the comfort of home or work. NeTeller users only need to enter their secure information (banking details, credit card information, etc.) once. This information is never shared with the thousands of sites that accept NeTeller.

You're security is NeTeller's priority. When you're ready to deposit and win, NeTeller is the best method. Player's instantly transfer funds from their credit card and NeTeller's instacash allows instant bank account transfers right into your Casino account. The best part is your approved withdrawals are also instantly deposited back to your NeTeller account for you to enjoy.


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