Neteller’s Online Money Transfer Service

One of the many popular services that Neteller offers is their money transfer service. It is a great way to send money as there are no transfer fees for the receiver and the transaction fees are waived for the sender.

Neteller makes it so that you can send money instantly. The Neteller money transfer is easy to use as people just click their mouse and instantly send money. All that is needed is an email address for the recipient. When customers use the Neteller money transfer service their transactions are protected with 128-bit encryption and the best in Internet security.

Neteller has really made their money transfer service a global service as it is offered in more than 185 countries and 19 currencies. That means people can send money almost anywhere in the world and have the currency automatically converted.

The money transfer service is just one of the many great options at Neteller. Whether it is using the Neteller eWallet to transfer money online or using debit cards to withdraw money, Neteller has made sending and receiving money very safe, fast and reliable.

Founded in 1999, Neteller has been providing individual and businesses with a fast way to send money online. The service is operated by Optimal Payments Limited which is authorized by the Financial Services Authority in the UK.


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