Would you like to have a bank account without having to deal with the bank? When you have an account with Neteller it is a lot like that. You have access to your money and can send, receive or withdraw from virtually anywhere in the world.

Neteller is one of the premier options for sending and receiving money around the world. Not only can you send and receive money online, but you can also pay for goods, services and even withdraw at ATM’s with your Net+ card from Neteller. When you have a Neteller account there are no application fees or monthly fees. You get free point-of-sale transactions and free card load options with the Net+ card.

Are you frustrated at times with your bank because you don’t get extra benefits and perks? Are you upset that you can’t even take out more than $300 with your ATM card? If so, get a Neteller + card and become a Neteller VIP. You will get a number of great benefits when you are a VIP including the ability to withdraw up to 3300 USD using your card.

When you are a Neteller VIP you get up to 0.5% cash-back every month, free withdrawals, multiple currency accounts, as little as a 1.25% FX fee and 10 free credit card deposits per month. You also get flexible transaction limits, bonus Neteller Reward Points and VIP fraud guarantee.

Check out all that Neteller has to offer and sign up for your account today and become a VIP.


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