Easy with Neteller

It is now possible to wire money anywhere to anyone, corporate or individual, in the world using Neteller e-wallet services. There is a distinct advantage using this service over banks, Western Union, or credit unions. It is better than writing checks or sending money orders. It is better than using cashiers checks.

Neteller is represented in every major country in the world with foreign currency exchange available immediately. They operate using seventeen of the world’s major currencies. If you set up an account and those whom you are doing business with are also Neteller customers, then the funds transfer is free of charge and there are no currency exchange fees like those that you will encounter at a bank. With a verified account in US Dollars, over the lifetime of the account the maximum amount that can be transferred is Two hundred fifty thousand dollars; One hundred eighty five thousand Euros. Y

You can send and receive money in one hundred seventy nine countries at the time of Neteller’s latest update. By using a Master Card prepaid account you have all the ease of trouble free funds transfer at your fingertips.

If you haven’t checked out this service lately then take a look at Neteller as you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Why not put an e-Wallet in your pocket today.


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