Extra Reward Points with Neteller

It is a great time to be using Neteller as you can earn up to four times the Rewards Points until July 1st. Here is a look at what you can earn simply by using Neteller and how to start earning your extra Reward Points.

To get set up simply sign in to Neteller and select the Rewards tab to register. Once you are registered you will earn points every time that you transfer money. You get two points when you transfer points to your favorite websites, three points when you transfer to Neteller’s preferred websites and additional points when you transfer to 10 or more websites.
Keep in mind that you always earn points for all other account activities including sending money to friends and using your Net+ card. You can redeem your points for many things including gift cards, football team shirts, sporting goods or you could choose to redeem them for cash.

Neteller has been providing and safe and secure way to move money online for more than a decade. Used in more than 180 countries around the world, Neteller processes billions of dollars in transactions every year. Millions of people around the world use the Neteller eWallet to send and receive money and they also have access to the Neteller Prepaid MasterCard that can be used at millions of locations around the world.


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