Go Bronze with Neteller

Neteller has made it even easier to get VIP rewards as they are now offering a Bronze level in their VIP program. Let’s take a look at VIP rewards from Neteller and the new Bronze level.

The Bronze level of VIP rewards at Neteller makes it so that even more people can enjoy earning points simply by using Neteller. Every time that you move money using Neteller you earn points that you can then cash in later for electronics, gift cards or even cash.

Getting started with the VIP rewards program at Neteller is easy as all you do is sign into your account and select Rewards Points. You will start earning points immediately and the more you use Neteller the more points you will receive. It begins at the Bronze level and continues with Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Some of the perks in the various levels of the VIP program are cash back every month, free withdrawals, multiple currency accounts, free credit card deposits, flexible transaction limits, VIP fraud guaranteed and more.

Neteller has been providing a safe and reliable way to send and receive money online for more than a decade. Neteller handles billions of dollars of transaction each year from countries all over the world. Millions of customers use Neteller all the time to send money and many of them enjoy the exciting VIP program.


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