Neteller is a great system used to transfer money around the world. It is particularly useful for those who like to gamble; going from one casino to another. It allows one to visit most of the world’s casinos without ever leaving one’s living room. It is similar to online banking, except it is not a bank. It is more a holding company for deposited funds one wishes to use at a convenient time. It is a money in-money out system; in other words one can not borrow from Neteller, they hold your deposited money and give it back to you upon request. Of course there is a fee attached to this service.

Depending on where you are transferring money from, and where it is being deposited, the fees range roughly from 1.5% to 7%. This service is known as an e-wallet, it’s up to you as to how much money is in your wallet.

If one is a professional gambler this service is a great option for you at the online casino. However there is another advantage to this service. If one is traveling around from country to country on business then this service is essential so one does not carry large quantities of funds, your cash is readily at hand wherever Neteller is used, with just the use of your account number. That account number is secured and you have instant access to whatever funds you need, wherever you are, whatever time of day. It’s just that easy and simple when you use Neteller.


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