Neteller Planning to Get Back into the U.S. Market

Neteller is planning to return to the United States market in the very near future. For many years Neteller was one of the most popular choices for gamblers in the United States to send and receive money to online casinos but in 2007 it all came to an end when Neteller left the U.S. market. It now looks like they are getting ready for re-entry.

Optimal Payments, the owner of Neteller, already has an agreement with Caesars Entertainment and they are in talks with other gaming operators. Optimal Payments president and chief executive Joel Leonoff said that he expects many states in the United States to offer online gambling within the next year. “We think 10 states will offer entry to gaming,” said Leonoff. He also didn’t think the previous problems with the U.S. government would be an issue. “There are different levels of compliance required for suppliers versus merchants [operators]. Merchants have a much more onerous regulatory requirement to adhere to,” Mr Leonoff added.

Neteller has been one of the most reliable online payment processing options for gamblers around the world for many years. They were founded in 1999 and now they are used by millions of customers in many different countries. Whether it is the Neteller e-Wallet or the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard, customers who use Neteller always have access to their money and it may not be long before that customer list includes people in the United States once again.


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