Neteller Sets the Standard of Excellence as Premier Online Gaming Payment Method

It may sound over the top as a statement but it is also a statement of fact that without Neteller as a premier online casino payment solution back in the infancy of the industry when a proven payment method was desperately needed there would simply not be online casino gambling.

Neteller came to the rescue of a fledgling industry that had no credibility and a lot of questions about its ability to move money back to players who were winners and Neteller not only proved that it could be done but also proved that it could be done safely and with a keen sense of the value of customer privacy.

In this day and age of concern over identity theft Neteller has been at the forefront of customer identity protection and with innovative fraud prevention methods that are at the cutting edge of the financial services industry.

The undeniable fact that online casinos prefer Neteller as their payment method of choice is best evidenced by the incentives and bonuses that are offered by the online casinos to players that make Neteller their chosen payment solution. By going with Neteller many online gamblers become winners even before their first bet is made.

There are plenty of outstanding online gaming payment method companies to choose from but rest assured Neteller is as good of a choice as can be found anywhere and the best bet on the board!

Take a look at the Neteller advantage today!


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