Neteller Fails to Share Growing Confidence in Digital Currency

One of the most recent phenomenons of online casino gambling and its virtual partnership with online payment solution companies is the rapid growth in popularity of virtual currencies such as BitCoin, which has seen such meteoric growth that there are now online casinos and online poker rooms that are engineered to be specialized with BitCoin as the major draw and payment method. One holdout from the craze of virtual currency is Neteller, a Founding Father of the online casino payment method companies that have been so important and instrumental in the growth of the industry as a whole.

Neteller has decided to forgo involvement altogether with digital currency and will stick to the more traditional payment method solutions. There is no timetable as to if and when Neteller will rethink its policy but this most recent development is a clear line in the sand between Neteller and companies such as BitCoin.

The decision of Neteller to avoid digital currency is not expected to be a major blow to BitCoin as it has already generated too much momentum as a popular payment method solution with too much in growth potential to be slowed down at any great length.

The popularity of both ends of the spectrum with Neteller and with BitCoin has been a boon for online gamblers who are reaping the benefits of both payment methods and their great service options but most of all because of incentive bonuses from the online casinos to use both methods for what could be the best hedged bet going!


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