Neteller Epitomizes Full Service

Neteller is widely known and respected as the first online casino payment method company and for their 15+ years of proven efficiency and professionalism. But Neteller has also been known as one of the most forward thinking companies in the industry and that is what has kept them as the king of the hill when it comes to payment method companies. Neteller has expanded from its beginnings as a niche for online casino gambling to what it is now which is a full service powerhouse that offers every kind of possible payment method option and bonus found anywhere.

Among the services provided by Neteller include free instant transfers to merchants with a wide array of deposit and withdraw options.

Neteller also offers cash withdraws and secure online shopping in which customers can get incentives, rewards, and big discounts from some of the finest stores on the globe. This shopping feature has been a big draw, even with online gamblers who would end up choosing Neteller over the competition because of this feature.

Neteller offers a desktop application that allows all of its clients to conduct business, make payments, and receive deposits all from their personal computer. The desktop app includes a wide variety of widgets and instant access to your account information.

Net+Cards empower you to have instant access to the money in your account, even if you are not online.

With these features and more, Neteller has clearly become the ultimate full service online payment method company that will continue to dominate and be the most respected and trusted name in the industry.


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