Neteller Prepaid Card

One of the many advantages to having a Neteller account is the Neteller prepaid MasterCard. It is a free card that Neteller provides to their customers. Although it is similar in many respects to a bank debit card, the Neteller prepaid card has some definite advantages.

The Neteller prepaid card is just like a credit card with the difference being you can’t go over your spending limit because only the money you put into the account is available. And the Neteller prepaid card is accepted anywhere that MasterCard is accepted. That means it is accepted at millions of point of sale locations around the world and at millions of ATMs.

Some of the other advantages to a prepaid card from Neteller include no application fees, no monthly fees, no dormancy fees and smart chip technology. The chip and PIN technology means that the prepaid card is protected and that your money is safe. Neteller holds more than 100% of customer’s account balances in trust accounts and Neteller is authorized by the UK Financial Services Authority. Other advantages of the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard are that customers have confidential card transaction histories and no paper statements.

If you are looking for a reliable and safe prepaid card that is not tied to your bank account you should consider the Neteller prepaid MasterCard.


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