Neteller VIP Rewards

One of the advantages to being a Neteller member is the VIP rewards that are offered. The VIP Rewards program at Neteller starts with the Silver level and continues with Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels. Let’s take a look at all four levels.

The VIP levels with Neteller are based upon the transfer activity in a member’s account. To get to the Silver level, members have to transfer 43,000 in a year while the Gold level requires $105,000 in a year. The Platinum level requires $560,000 in a year while the Diamond level is for those who transfer more than $2.29 million a year. The rewards for each level get a little bit better.

All four levels get VIP Fraud guarantee protection, multiple currency accounts, reward points earned and lower FX fees. Gold level members also get free withdrawals, VIP chat options, deposit discounts and flexible transaction limits. Platinum members get all of those perks plus a guaranteed limit increase, next day payouts, cash back earned and a dedicated VIP manager. Diamond level customers get all of those perks plus more cash back earned; lower FX fees and more rewards points earned. For the full details make sure to visit the Neteller web site.

Sign up for free today with Neteller and get started in the Neteller VIP Rewards program.


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