Neteller to Sponsor the Crystal Palace Football Club

Neteller will get more exposure this year as they will be the official sponsor of the Crystal Palace football club. Neteller has signed up to be the sponsor for Crystal Palace during the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons. Neteller, which is owned by Optimal Payments, will be promoting the Neteller service and the Net+ Card on the front of the Crystal Palace shirts this season.

Neteller becomes the first online payment provider to be associated with the Premier League. “We are delighted to be the official sponsor of Crystal Palace and recognize similarities between our two organizations in terms of recent great performance and growth ambitions for the future.” Joel Leonoff, President and CEO of Optimal Payments said, “The Premier League attracts the highest global viewership in international sports, with an estimated global audience of 4.4 billion. This sponsorship signifies an opportunity to support one of the league’s most exciting teams while promoting our innovative payment solutions worldwide.”

The Premier League gets a lot of exposure around the world including in the United States where Neteller is reestablishing their presence. Neteller should get a lot of mileage out of their sponsorship as all of the Premier League games each week are televised.

Neteller is a leading online payment provider for customers who need to send and receive money and make online purchases. Check out all that Neteller has to offer today.


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